January 8, 2006

On The Road

I'm sitting in a coffeeshop in High Point, North Carolina this ridiculously warm Sunday morning. Since last Sunday, I have travelled from Kentucky to Wisconsin, from Wisconsin to Kentucky, and yesterday, it was Kentucky to North Carolina. Tomorrow I have a job interview about an hour from here. I'm not yet nervous about this interview but I have a feeling that 24 hours from now, I will have a fabulous case of nerves.

The holidays have come and gone and I haven't yet digested them enough to write about them. There are actually quite a few things I need to sort through, but I've been on the road since New Year's Eve. I've been traveling with a good friend, which makes the long drives go by faster and more fun, but also has not allowed for much alone time. (aka time to process) I'm not used to having company on these long trips. I was a little worried about it, since I am so used to traveling alone, but it has gone very well. We are good traveling partners and have similiar tastes in music, which is a must for the road trip soundtrack.

Anyway, a lot has happened in the job department since I last wrote. I have solid offers from at least 2 companies, but I don't like either of them. The one I am interviewing for tomorrow quickly shot up to my #1 choice the week before Christmas and I've been waiting for this interview for what seems like eons. I just hope it goes well. I am a little worried about what I am going to do if it doesn't work out. It seems so tailor-made for me, that if it turns out that it doesn't work, then I think the disappointment factor will be high.

And we all know how I've been handling news of the disappointing variety as of late.

I made a New Year's Resolution. I've never been a big fan of them, but I'm trying for a realistic one. Here it is: I resolve to live in one place for more than 6 months this year.
I also (unofficially) resolve that if this job in North Carolina doesn't work out, that I will seriously look into living abroad again.

Well, the road calls and we must be moving on. Good Lord, I hope this works out the way it is supposed to. Whatever that means.

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