March 6, 2005

Just One of THOSE Weeks

Some days, I wake up, take one look at the bright Guatemalan sun and think how amazing it is that it is that I am here.

Ok, so maybe once every 2 months I do that. But still, the sentiment is there sometimes.

There are other mornings when I roll over and think, "Why in the world is that damn peacock making so much noise?! Who ever thought having peacock for a pet would make for good relations with the neighbors?!"

And then, there are those mornings, when the alarm goes off, and I roll over and think, "What the...? It's still dark outside. It must really be 5 in the morning instead of 7. Cause it's the dry season and we all know it doesn't get cloudy and rain in the DRY season." But one look at my watch and another glimpse out the window, and I discover that indeed, sometimes it does rain in the dry season.
That's what happened last Monday morning. It hasn't rained in almost 4 months, but it rained a couple of times last week. I should have taken it for the omen that it was and refused to get out of my bed all week. But stupid, unsusperstitious me had to leave the security of my bed and launch into this crazy week.
It all started out harmless enough. I was invited over for dinner Monday night. But somewhere between that evening and around 8PM on Tuesday, something went horribly, horribly wrong with my stomach. After 5 months of putting up with Guatemalan food and germs and bacteria, my stomach revolted. I won't go into details, cause we all know I'm not a big fan of the bodily functions, but suffice to say that I lived off gatorade and soda crackers for the next 4 days. I like to call it the Guatemalan diet.
Secondly, my friend left this week. He is now back in Germany where he belongs, and I am stuck in Guatemala for the next 2 months without any social life on the horizon. I was sad to see him go, but such is life, I guess. I knew he was going to be leaving eventually, but I don't regret getting to know him or sharing the time we had together. I knew it would make it hurt worse to say goodbye, but it was worth it. I don't know why God puts these seemingly random people in our paths for such short periods of time, but for whatever the reason, I am thankful.
Thirdly, I was supposed to go to Tikal on Friday with some people I know from home that were here on a mission trip, but somehow, my reservation got dropped and there wasn't any space for me. That really didn't help my already depressed state. But I did get to see them again at the airport before they left to go home, so I glad. Even though it was a short visit with them, it made my day to see a familiar face and get a hug from someone I know cares about me. Being down here, isolated from all my friends and family and community of support, can be really tough some days. I'd like to deny it and say that I am superhuman and that it doesn't bother me, but I can admit to the loneliness and how you feel like there is no one here who really knows you or understands you. So, the Q20 I had to pay for parking two days in a row at the airport was worth the hug I got.
Lastly, work is crap. That's not new, but on top of these other things, it just made this week harder.

Anyway, enough of the pity party. Next week is going to be busy and hopefully will keep my mind from dwelling on all these things. I have such a short amount of time left and I know I don't need to spend it feeling sorry for myself. I'll save that for August, when I am home and broke and still don't have a job!

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