February 14, 2005

Care Package from Kentucky

This is why Carrie rocks my world. Posted by Hello

There was a Gtown group that came to Guate last weekend for some random school project. And since I have the best friends in the world, Carrie managed to sneak a care package into their luggage. All I had to do was show up at the airport and I got a goodie bag.
The Orbit gum is important because I got addicted to it in college thanks to my friends who always had it in their backpacks and you can't buy it here. The burned CD is the only way I get new music. The candy is random and I think possibily confused with someone's favorite, but appreciated nonetheless. And of course, the Mt Dew was the focal point of the whole package. I don't know what the tylenol is for, except for maybe my caffiene headaches for when I come back down off the high from the Mt Dews.

Even though my plans for the Gtown crew didn't work out the way they were supposed to, and even though I didn't know any of them very well, it still made my month to see people from home. Now, if I could just get some of my friends to play hookie from work and come for a visit, I'd be a happy girl.

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  1. I was on the phone with Carrie when she was shopping for the care package. When she said that she got the Nerds on a Rope, I said, "I don't think it is Tori who likes those -- that's me." She said, "Well, she's getting it anyway." I tried to tell her. ha ha