December 17, 2004

As I was sitting on the roof this morning, reading a book and letting my hair dry (My hairdryer died a violent, shocking (heh) death earlier this week so I've taken to using nature's hairdyer. It's worked out well because I have built in reading time and I get to work on my tan, all at the same time! I highly recommend this method..unless you live in a place that is actually experiencing winter this month, where you might end up with icicle hair and pneuomonia) I looked up and saw a lizard. He was hanging out on the railing next to my (open) door, possibly drying his hair and working on his tan as well. He was cute, but I've had enough visitors in my room lately, what with the Georges the second and third dropping in last week, so I had to get up and close my door, which scared him away. It was a shame to kick him out though, I don't often have company in the morning.

It's officially the weekend, which means I only have one more Christmas party and one Sunday school lesson and about 15 seconds of packing left before Monday. My party last night was a success, in my opinion, at least, and tonight's should come off just as smoothly. I goofed around town this afternoon, trying to accomplish the rest of my shopping. I've decided that I hate the malls here. All the stores seem over-priced and fancy, and to a girl that lives for Old Navy and Goodwill...I just don't fit in. But there are still a few things I would like to buy to bring home, and they are so much cheaper in Antigua. I can't decide if I want to go there tomorrow, though. I'll leave that decision until tomorrow. I have most of the gifts covered, but I've changed my mind about some things and want to get different stuff. I know I'm not going to be happy unless I go get them, so I might as well resign myself to going. It's not like it's a bad drive, but my car isn't great and I don't want to push it on those mountain roads.

In other news, well...there is no other news. My thought pattern is pretty much stuck on counting down the days until I go home and all the details pertaining to that event.

I have been reading these books lately by Brian McLaren, about postmodern Christianity. They are interesting. Probably some of the worst fiction writing I've come across, but there is still enough thought-provoking non-fiction in them to keep my attention. I don't know why he decided to make it fiction, instead of non-fiction...but maybe the story-telling is to make it appeal more to people like me, who probably would have never considered buying it as a non-fcition work. So, congratulations on a good marketing tactic.

More about that later...dinner is ready!



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