December 14, 2003

I can't believe this snow. I can't believe that there is no one here who will go play in it with me. I love snow. I stood at the door of our apartment for like 30 minutes last night just watching it. I bet there was an amazing snowball fight happening in the quad, but the only excitement over here was people doing donuts in the parking lot.

There is something about snow that makes it the ultimate romantic backdrop for me. So, of course, given my eternal single-ness, it's somewhat depressing when it snows this beautifully. I'm gonna have to live up north at some point in my life just so that I can have one winter where I get to really experience snow. Maybe I will get tired of it and un-romanticize it.

For now, it provides a distracting backdrop while I am trying to be productive and write a paper. I am so glad this semester is almost over with. I am ready to go home.

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