September 3, 2003

So I've decided for many reasons to start over on this blogging thing. After this last summer, I don't really feel like myself anymore. It's like I'm not comfortable in my own skin anymore. I keep getting surprised by my reactions to things. I also decided that I don't want my old blogger to be out there anymore. It's still archived, but not being published here anymore. I almost scrapped the whole thing altogether and gave up on writing. But honestly, I just miss it too much. There have been multiple times in the past months that I wished I had sat down and written out my thoughts, but I was becoming very uncomfortable with my blog, and who was getting to read it and how all sorts of people were finding it with connections to my school, my home, and my church. I don't like the whole world reading about the person I used to be and the mistakes I made. They happened, yes. I won't deny it. But it's hard to get over them when they are still there for all the world to read.

So, I'm starting over. Welcome to the updated version of me. We'll see what that turns out to be.